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Rent a vacation house immersed in the tropical rainforest of the Costa Rica Central Pacific region, starting from $200 per night.

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Our Real Estate Plan lets you choose a new life in Portasol Ocean View Community. See the properties.

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Portasol is strategically located close to top tourist attractions on the Costa Rica Central Pacific Coast, yet is secluded, peaceful and private.

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Portasol understands its Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR) as a commitment. One commitment that assures wellness of the people, beginning with its own associates, its neighbors which are Portalón´s citizens and those of who belongs to the nearby communities.

Our SCR is based on three mayor topics: Human Development, Environment and Conservation, Human Development and Local Small Business Development.

Human Development

Portasol is committed to Portalón, its nearest community. We, as a company, encourage local social planning and overall are ready to create and support initiatives that improve the community´s quality of life.

Portasol plays an important role in linking citizens to human services and believes in a proactive role of developing solutions to meet the community´s challenges
Some of our Human Development policies are:

  • Study and identify social needs within our collaborators and within the community.
  • Identify services that exist to meet those needs.
  • Assist and initiate in planning and developing new services.
  • Create opportunities for joint action in the development, coordination and delivery of services, appropriate to community needs.
  • Be aware of local citizens access to information regarding programs and services for the community.

Small Business Development

We believe in the citizens of Portalón and their potential to develop and operate small businesses.

We are currently working with some members of the community who are beginning their own businesses. Our support consists of four main pillars: formation, business advice, initial financing and in the end to establish a commercial alliance with them as a company priority when their services and products are appropriate for our projects.

Environment Conservation

Our policy promotes several actions focused on protection and preservation of the environment.

  • To maintain an active program of protection and conservation of the environment in the Portasol and its surroundings.
  • To facilitate learning programs related to environmental conservation to Portalon citizens and citizens of the nearby communities.
  • To preserve flora and fauna within Portasol and its surroundings.
  • To respect Costa Rican regulations, laws and dispositions related with environmental preservation.
  • To encourage the children of Portalón and the nearby communities to get involved through clubs and programs oriented to look after and preserve the environment.
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