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Portasol is strategically located close to top tourist attractions on the Costa Rica Central Pacific Coast, yet is secluded, peaceful and private.

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“An alternative way of life for future generations”

Our Nature Reserve in Costa Rica is located within the borders of Portasol rainforest and Ocean View Properties.  The land is irregular with gradients between 0 and 78 degrees.  The majority of the layout of the land has orientation of West Southwest, towards the subcanyon of the Portalón River, in the central part of the area. The gradients are arranged with orientation of Southwest South covering the area of the microcanyon of the Astua Creek.

The hydrolic currents of the Astua Creek flow towards the southwest to meet with those of the Portalón River forming a small flow system that drains the area.  There the majority of the water flow is created on the outskirts of the divisional limits that digress between steep gradients that exceed a 45% inclination. 

The forest is characteristic of the Tropical Humid Rainforest with influence from the transition of prehumid (Bolaños y Watson, 1993), covered by jungle type vegetation in some parts with vines and epiphytes such as many outstanding species like the Baco (Brosimun utile), Zamia fairchildiana, Asterogyne martiana, Bactris sp, Costus sp, Socratea exorrhiza, Hyeronima alchorneoides, Cyclanthus bipartitus, Inga sp, Andira sp, Ficus sp, Virola sp.  Forest with significant development has been able to recover many similar characteristics of the mature forest but with a value of better heterogenesis.

The land is susceptible to erosion due to the excess of precipitation throughout the year.  However, much activity occurs due to the high productivity of biomass.  The highest and lushest tropical forest in Costa Rica is found here.  The range of precipitation fluctuates between 4000 and 6000 milimetres per year.  The temperature varies between 24 and 25 degrees Celcius with and average temperature of 24 to 27 degrees Celcius.

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