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Spend two nights and three days in pure Costa Rica rainforest. Get the Bungalow Special Offer.

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Rent a vacation house immersed in the tropical rainforest of the Costa Rica Central Pacific region, starting from $200 per night.

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Our Real Estate Plan lets you choose a new life in Portasol Ocean View Community. See the properties.

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Portasol is strategically located close to top tourist attractions on the Costa Rica Central Pacific Coast, yet is secluded, peaceful and private.

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Flora and Fauna

 Sustainable Community Costa Rica Flora and Fauna


Together the flora and fauna create a resourse of immeasurable value for the human being.  Traditionally in this zone, like much of rural Costa Rica, the relation between society and nature has been set for the use of resources as important elements of survival.  For example, the consumption of animal protein as well as vegetable fibers.


The study area contains a particular mosaic of different types of vegetation which give space to a great diversity of animals.  In the grasslands you find medium size trees dispersed with the presence of pioneer species such as Trichospermum sp, Vismia macrophylla, Dillenáceas, Melastomatáceas y Psychotria poeppigiana.

In the dense forest typical species like Arecaceae, Cyclantáceas, Siparuna tecaphora, Ficus tonduzii, Apeiba spp mix with the Selaginella spp on the ground of very humid areas, for example the Symphonia globulifera, Siparuna tecaphora, Melastomataceas y Virola sp.  To this date we have classified more than 143 different plant species.


The wildlife in the study area is abundant.  This is due to the large variability in the climate and topography.  Together they conform a series of microclimates with the capacity to shelter these populations.  In addition to this, the high productivity of biomass that is present in the zone offers a constant source of food for these species.  Between December 2004 and June 2006 we have identified more than 150 different wildlife species which indicates the biological richness of the reserve.  Some of these wildlife species includes the White Faced Monkey, Tucans, Snakes, two species of poisonous frogs, Agoutis and Kinkajous, among many others.


Portasol's Fauna  (PDF Hand book)

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