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Spend two nights and three days in pure Costa Rica rainforest. Get the Bungalow Special Offer.

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Rent a vacation house immersed in the tropical rainforest of the Costa Rica Central Pacific region, starting from $200 per night.

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Living in Portasol

Our Real Estate Plan lets you choose a new life in Portasol Ocean View Community. See the properties.

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Surrounding Area

Portasol is strategically located close to top tourist attractions on the Costa Rica Central Pacific Coast, yet is secluded, peaceful and private.

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Waterfalls Spa

Waterfall Spa in Costa Rica

In our hands we have the ancestral healing methods, combining unparallel natural and biodegradable products, capable of providing a very positive influence to your body and soul….. We are surrounded by a 100% natural ambiance, fully immersing you in the concept of relaxation therapy… We are giving you the unique possibility of enjoying peace and vital energy throughout:


Waterfall Spa 360° video







Relax Sunset


Gentle massage on your neck, back and shoulders with a variety of techniques

It Improves blood supply increasing the oxygenation. Nutrition and muscle oxygenation.

30 minutes



It works on the lymphatic system

It’s directed to the activation of the superficial lymphatic system operation, to improve the removal of interstitial fluid and large molecules and optimize its evacuation

30 minutes


Active Nature

Sport massage, for half body or full body. It is a type of massage used before, during and after sport events

It improves performance in physical activity. During sporting events it helps to activate muscles slightly injured and after the activity to recover better.

30-45 minutes


Fullness Forest Freshness

A personalized massage or a mix of the described above.

It varies depending on what you choose.

45 minutes


Relax Full Moon

A full body massage

It improves blood circulation, headaches, muscle oxygenation, arterial and venous return on limbs decreasing the heaviness

1 hour


Natural Vibration

This massage combines three techniques, hot stones, oils and sound balls

This combination leads to deep relaxation and mental fitness harmony

11/4 hour


Forest Breezes

Therapeutic massage, it runs through the body for muscle spasms

Relieves pain, stress, limbs heaviness and muscular contractures

1,5 hour


Golden Rain

This massage works in body areas with more fat

Remove the fat tissue lining the figure, if you play sports it can be removed easily

1 hour


4 Hands

This massage is made with 4 hands

The fullness of a total relaxing massage, the benefits are reflected depending on the person and the stress being handled

1 hour


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